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SEO's Premise Explained

Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated SEO, has entered the common parlance of many website technicians and marketers. It pertains to how likely a website will appear near the top of result pages when search engines are made to search for the subject that the website covers. Being at the top of relevant search results is important for any business with an online presence because potential customers in search of a quality product or service are far less likely to settle on websites that can only be found in the second or third pages of relevant search queries.

While the goal of any business is to accrue as much online traffic as possible, merely offering a top-quality service does not guarantee that the traffic will appear on its own. Optimizing the SEO factor of its website is imperative for any business facing stiff competition from similar sites. This is because the internal coding, structuring, and tagging of the website's pages are ultimately what search engines look for and grade when determining whether that site will appear on the front page of search results.

Search engines respond to the presence of certain choice words appearing multiple times throughout a site's text. Officially referred to as keywords, these words or phrases embody what the website's service is about, and they will be deliberately repeated in the content text and posted in the title and meta tags. The idea is that, if people searching for the phrase "handheld fan" make up the demographic a site owner is looking for, he or she would want the phrase "handheld fan" to be present in multiple places within both the surface-level text of the site and its web address and page title.

A site's SEO is also improved by populating its pages with a natural link building service to other websites that deal in a similar subject matter. Search engines grade a site higher depending on both how many links to other sites it contains and how many other sites link to it. However, a site owner will find it to be a challenge to get many links originating from elsewhere to appear.

Your first critical step toward optimizing your site's SEO is creating quality content laced with relevant keywords. However, search engines also prioritize sites that get updated routinely. Therefore, creating a blog, giving it an attention-grabbing title, and maintaining its content with new blog posts is the ideal way to succeed in this step.

Your second step is to find a way to get external links pointing to the site to appear elsewhere on the web. One way to give yourself a start is to ask various web blogs for permission to write your own posts on them; these "guest posts" will give you the opportunity to both expose your brand to other bloggers' audiences and let you place links connecting back to your site. Creating a guest post that does not look like it exists just to sell your site can be a delicate process, however.

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